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  Evaluating Emerging and Established Biomarkers
PD9-01 Expanding downstaging criteria in AJCC pathologic prognostic staging using OncotypeDx Recurrence Score® assay in T1-2N0 hormone-receptor positive patients enrolled in the TAILORx trial
Kantor O, Burstein HJ, King T, Shak S, Russell C, Giuliano AE, Hortobagyi GN, Winer EP, Korde LA, Sparano JA, Mittendorf EA. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA; Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA; Exact Sciences, Madison, WI; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD; Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY.
PD9-02 Peripheral immune subsets and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in patients (pts) with residual triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) treated with adjuvant immunotherapy and/or chemotherapy (chemo): The OXEL study
Lynce F, Mainor C, Geng X, Jones G, Schlam I, Wang H, Feger U, Donahue R, Toney N, Jochems C, Schlom J, Gallagher C, Nanda R, Graham D, Stringer-Reasor EM, Denduluri N, Collins J, Dilawari AA, Chitalia A, Tiwari S, Nunes R, Kaltman R, Khoury K, Gatti-Mays M, Swain SM, Parsons HA, Pohlmann P, Isaacs C. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA; MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC; Georgetown University, Washington, DC; Inivata, Research Triangle Park, NC; MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD; University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, NJ; University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL; AstraZeneca, Arlington, VA; Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD; Inova, Fairfax, VA; Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
PD9-03 Pam50 intrinsic subtype and risk of recurrence score (ROR) for the prediction of endocrine (ET) sensitivity and pathologic response to chemotherapy in postmenopausal women with clinical stage II/III estrogen receptor positive (ER+) and HER2 negative (HER2-) breast cancer (BC) in the alternate trial (Alliance A011106)
Ma CX, Anurag M, Dockter T, Hoog J, Fernandez-Martinez A, Fan C, Gibbs R, Sanati S, Vij K, Watson M, Hahn O, Guenther J, Caudle A, Crouch E, Tiersten A, Mita M, Razaq W, Hieken TJ, Wang Y, Leitch AM, Unzeitig GW, Weiss A, Winer EP, Hunt K, Partridge AH, Carey LA, Perou CM, Ellis MJ, Suman V. Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX; Alliance Statistics and Data Center/Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angelos, CA; University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Saint Elizabeth Medical Center South, Edgewood, KY; MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY; University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK; Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital, Albuquerque, NM; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX; Doctor's Hospital of Laredo, Laredo, TX; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Partners Cancer Care, Boston, MA.
PD9-04 Tumor-released circulating orphan non-coding RNAs reflect treatment response and survival in breast cancer
Goodarzi H, Navickas A, Wang J, Garcia K, Magbanua MJ, Fish L, Brown Swigart L, Hirst G, Wolf D, Yau C, Chien J, Simmons C, Delson A, Esserman L, van 't Veer L. UCSF, San Francisco, CA.
PD9-05 Prognostic and tamoxifen-predictive effect of PAM50 and ROR score in premenopausal women included in the randomised SBII:2 trial
Lundgren C, Bendahl P-O, Ekholm M, Fernö M, Forsare C, Krüger U, Nordenskjöld B, Stĺl O, Rydén L. Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Division of Oncology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden; Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Institute of Biomedicine, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden; Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden; Department of Clinical Sciences Lund, Division of Surgery, Lund University, Lund, Sweden.
PD9-06 Evaluation of the predicted sensitivity to endocrine therapy (SET2,3 index) and the 21-gene Breast Recurrence Score® assay in node-positive postmenopausal breast cancer: Results from an analysis in the SWOG S8814 trial
Speers CW, Symmans WF, Barlow WE, Trevarton A, The S, Du L, Rae JM, Shak S, Baehner FL, Sharma P, Pusztai L, Hortobagyi GN, Hayes DF, Albain KS, Godwin A, Thompson A. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; SWOG Statistics and Data Management Center, Seattle, WA; Exact Sciences, Madison, WI; University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS; Yale University, New Haven, CT; Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, Chicago, IL; Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.
PD9-07 Mdm2 gene amplification in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells is associated with enhanced solid tumor growth and pronounced metastatic potential in humanized tumor mice (HTM) and a poor outcome of patients with luminal breast cancer
Wege AK, Vladimirova V, Solbach C, Rom-Jurek E-M, Blohmer J-U, Jank P, Sinn B, Trumpp A, Marangoni E, Engels K, Weichert W, Pfarr N, Irlbeck C, Polzer B, Ortmann O, van Mackelenbergh M, Denkert C, Loibl S, Brockhoff G. Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Medical Center Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany; German Breast Group, Neu-Isenburg, Germany; Klinik für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe, Universitätsklinikum, Frankfurt, Germany; Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Medical Center, Regensburg, Germany; Gynäkologie mit Brustzentrum, Charité-Univesitätsmedizin, Berlin, Germany; Institute of Pathology, UKGM University Hospital Marburg, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg, Germany; Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, corporate member of Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Department of Pathology, Berlin, Germany; Division of Stem Cells and Cancer, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and DKFZZMBH Alliance, Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM gGmbH), German Cancer Consortium (DKTK), Heidelberg, Germany; Department of Translational Research, Institute Curie, PSL Research University, Paris, France; Center for Pathology, Cytology and Molecular Pathology, Neuss, Germany; Institute of Pathology, Technical University Munich, München, Germany; Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Regensburg, Germany; Division of Personalized Tumor Therapy, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Regensburg, Germany; Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Medical Center Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany; Caritas-Krankenhaus St. Josef, Regensburg, Germany; Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Klinik für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe, Schleswig-Holstein, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
PD9-08 Prognostic value of EndoPredict test in patients screened for UNIRAD, a UCBG randomized, double blind, phase III international trial evaluating the addition of everolimus (EVE) to adjuvant hormone therapy (HT) in women with high risk HR+, HER2- early breast cancer (eBC)
Penault-Llorca F, Dalenc F, Chabaud S, Cottu P, Allouache D, Cameron D, Jacquin J-P, Grenier J, Venat Bouvet L, Jegannathen A, Campone M, Del Piano F, Debled M, Hardy-Bessard A-C, Giacchetti S, Barthelemy P, Kaluzinski L, Mailliez A, Mouret-Reynier M-A, Legouffe E, Cayre A, Martinez M, Delbaldo C, Mollon-Grange D, Macaskill EJ, Sephton M, Stefani L, Belgadi B, Winter M, Orfeuvre H, Lacroix-Triki M, Bonnefoi H, Bliss J, Canon J-L, Lemonnier J, Andre F, Bachelot T. Centre Jean Perrin, Clermont-Ferrand, France; Institut Claudius Régaud, Toulouse, France; Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon, France; Institut Curie, Paris, France; Centre François Baclesse, Caen, France; Western General Hospital, Edinburg, United Kingdom; IC Lucien Neuwirth, Saint-Priest-en-Jarez, France; Institut Sainte Catherine, Avignon, France; CHU Dupuytren, Limoges, France; Royal Stoke Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom; Institut de cancérologie de l'Ouest, Saint-Herblain & Angers, France; Hopitaux du Léman- site Gearges Pianta, Thonon-les-bains, France; Institut Bergonié, Bordeaux, France; Centre CARIO - HPCA, Plérin, France; Hopital Saint Louis, Paris, France; Institut de Cancérologie Strasbourg Europe, Strasbourg, France; Centre Hospitalier Cotentin, Cherbourg en Cotentin, France; Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille, France; Centre Oncogard, Nîmes, France; Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France; Hopital Diaconnesses, Paris, France; Hopital Laennec, Quimper, France; Ninewells Hospital, Dundee - Scotland, United Kingdom; Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, United Kingdom; Centre hospitalier Annecy, Pringy, France; Centre hospitalier Montélimar, Montélimar, France; Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, United Kingdom; Centre Hospitalier Fleyriat, Bourg En Bresse, France; Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France; The Institute of Cancer Research, London, United Kingdom; Grand Hopital de Charleroi, Charleroi, Belgium; UNICANCER, Paris, France.
PD9-09 Breast cancer index and assessment of tumor proliferation by molecular grade index (MGI) within distinct HOXB13/IL17BR (H/I) subsets
Mahtani R, Yuan Y, Wisinski KB, Morris J, Salganik M, Zhang Y, Schnabel CA, Gadi VK. University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Miami, FL; City of Hope, Duarte, CA; University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, Madison, WI; Biotheranostics, Inc., San Diego, CA; University of Illinois Cancer Center, Chicago, IL.
PD9-10 BRE12-158: A post-neoadjuvant, randomized phase 2 trial of personalized therapy vs. treatment of physician’s choice for patients with residual triple negative breast cancer
Schneider BP, Jiang G, Ballinger TJ, Shen F, Chitambar C, Nanda R, Falkson C, Lynce FC, Gallagher C, Isaacs C, Blaya M, Paplomata E, Walling R, Daily K, Mahtani R, Thompson MA, Graham R, Cooper ME, Pavlick DC, Albacker LA, Gregg J, Solzak JP, Chen Y-H, Bales CL, Cantor E, Hancock BA, Kassem N, Paul Helft P, O'Neil B, Storniolo AM, Badve S, Miller KD, Radovich M. Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN; Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI; University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL; Georgetown University, Washington DC, DC; Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, CA; Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, Atlanta, GA; Community Health Network, Indianapolis, IN; University of Florida, Gainesville, FL; Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Deerfield Beach, FL; Aurora Health Caree, Milwaukee, WI; Erlanger Health System, Chattanooga, TN; Foundation Medicine Inc, Cambridge, MA.
PD9-11 Association of body mass index and inflammatory dietary pattern with breast cancer pathologic and genomic immunophenotype in the nurses’ health study
Stover DG, Damicis A, Heng YJ, Collier KA, Adams EJ, Kensler KH, Baker GM, Wesolowski R, Sagar Sardesai1 s, Gatti-Mays M, Ramaswam B, Eliassen AH, Hankinson SE, Tabung FK, Tamimi RM, and Sarah Asad1. Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA; Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA.