SABCS takes Tigerlily Foundation #InclusionPledge


The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium has joined with the Tigerlily Foundation in a pledge to help end health disparities for people of color. The executive directors of SABCS have taken the #InclusionPledge, joining with other national breast cancer organizations in a commitment to work on a health equity initiative focusing on diversity and inclusion to eliminate disparities for Black women.

“The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is dedicated to the advancement of the science and treatment of breast cancer for everyone,” said Symposia Director Sharon Hill. “We are dedicated to doing our part in eliminating the disparities in breast cancer treatment for Black women by providing more programming around disparities and having more diverse representation on our panels.”

Black women are often diagnosed at later stages when treatments are limited, costly and the prognosis is poor. Black women are also often diagnosed at younger ages, have more aggressive breast cancer and have a 40% higher mortality rate. Additionally, Black women have a 39% recurrence rate of breast cancer.

The #InclusionPledge provides a transparent and tangible framework across stakeholders to identify and track equity actions, holding all involved accountable with measurable and improved equity and outcomes for women of color.

SABCS encourages our attendees and partners to join us in taking the #InclusionPledge at

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