Abstract Information


Cancellations/Change of Presenter

  • To change the presenter, notification must be sent in written form (to include replacements full name, title and email) via email to sabcs@uthscsa.edu before the meeting.


  • The submitting author may log back into the submission site and update the abstract for no fee until the submission deadline, July 15, 2022.
  • The deadline for SABCS 2022 abstract content and author revisions is July 15, 2022. Abstract content or author revision requests received after this date will not be made. The deadline for minor revisions such as spelling and minor corrections is August 30, 2022. Minor revisions include:

Spelling errors in body, author's name, words in tables and titles
Disclosure changes
Change and/or reorder presenting author

Send change requests to sabcs@uthscsa.edu; You must include your abstract file number with your request.

No-Show Policy

Please notify the symposium office as early as possible if your presentation will not be made, and reference your assigned program number. If a scheduled presenter fails to appear in person or to send a replacement, and does not cancel the poster or slide presentation before the meeting, that presenter may be barred from having an abstract accepted in the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium for one year.

Notification must be sent in written form via e-mail to sabcs@uthscsa.edu.

Publication & Embargo Regulations

Violation of the following policies will result in the withdrawal of the involved abstract from any 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium presentation:

  1. By submitting an abstract for the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, the presenter verifies that the abstract's contents and its conclusions have not been and will not be published or presented at any large international or national meeting prior to the SABCS program.
  2. All authors must comply with the Symposium embargo policy, which states that no author is to provide information regarding the abstract or related research to be presented during the Symposium to the media or public prior to the scheduled time of presentation at the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 

Permission to Reproduce Presentation

All accepted abstracts, other than those that are withdrawn prior to publication and any that may have been accepted as a special late exception, will be published in the online Symposium proceedings (Supplement to Cancer Research) abstract book, as well as in SABCS On Demand on the SABCS website. In addition, the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium currently contracts with other parties to record and transcribe oral presentations for online slide review and streaming webcast on the SABCS website. Poster presentations are also posted on the SABCS website. All of these resources are made available to the user at no charge.

The cost of such reproduction and publication may be funded by educational grants from medical industry in accordance with ACCME guidelines.

This “Permission to Reproduce Presentation” applies to the presentation regardless of its form. All recordings and reproductions shall be made only with appropriate acknowledgement of the Presenter as the author, and only with reference to presentation at SABCS. No portion of the Presentation shall be extracted for reproduction or publication by itself, unless specifically offered by the Presenter as a summary, overview, or abstract.

Notify the SABCS office at sabcs@uthscsa.edu no later than November 1, 2022, if you need to withhold an abstract, poster or particular slide. You agree to give your permission to reproduce your presentation unless you take the actions outlined here.  For the benefit of our attendees we encourage you not to withhold unless absolutely necessary.

Copyright Transfer

As the Submitting Author for the abstract and on behalf of all the authors, you transfer copyrights of the abstract to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS), in the event that this abstract is published in the online Symposium proceedings (Supplement to Cancer Research). With this transfer, the authors relinquish all exclusive rights to copyright ownership of the abstract, including without limitation all rights of reproduction, derivation, distribution, sale, and display of the work, in whole or in part, in any and all forms of media now or hereafter known. SABCS, as copyright owners, has sole authority to grant permission to reproduce the Abstract.

Author Permissions

Authors of abstracts published in the SABCS online Symposium proceedings (Supplement to Cancer Research) are permitted to use their abstracts in the following ways without requesting permission from the SABCS. All such uses must include appropriate attribution to the Cancer Research supplement issue in which the abstracts are published. Authors may:

  • Reproduce the abstract, including tables, in books, reviews, or subsequent research articles they write;
  • Use the abstract in presentations;
  • Post a link to the online version of the abstract on their institutional website, if this is required by their institution;
  • Submit a copy of their article to their university in support of a doctoral thesis.

For questions about abstract submission, contact Cadmium by email support@cadmiumcd.com


Abstract Deadline

The deadline to submit an abstract for the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is July 15, 2022, 11:59 pm, Central Time, USA

Late Breaking Abstracts

Late breaking submissions will open on September 1 and close on September 30. Only paradigm shifting basic science discovery, or translational or clinical research of relevance to patients will be considered. Please note that, due to program schedule considerations, most if not all late acceptances will be programmed as posters. 

Review Decision

Decision letters, along with presentation instructions, will be e-mailed to the Presenter (the contact person/first author listed) tentatively September 2022. If you do not receive a notification, please contact sabcs@uthscsa.eduabcs@uthscsa.edu

Scholarships and Travel Awards 

The scholarship/travel award application is part of the Abstract Submission process.  Deadline to submit a scholarship/travel award is July 15, 2022.

The purpose of these scholarships and travel awards is to promote the education and professional development of early-career clinicians and scientists who are actively pursuing research in breast cancer by encouraging and facilitating their attendance at the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Scholarships will be awarded to graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and physicians-in-training whose abstracts are accepted for presentation at the 2022 SABCS, based upon the quality of their abstracts. Recipients of these scholarships will be identified in the SABCS program, both print and online, and also at the meeting.

In order to be eligible for these scholarships and travel awards, the applicant:

  • Must be a graduate student, medical student or resident, or clinical or postdoctoral fellow in an official training program at an academic institution.
  • Must provide certification of "in-training" status from the program director.
  • Must be noted as the Presenter on an abstract submitted for the 2022 SABCS.
  • Must submit an application for a scholarship with the abstract.
  • Must upload a current CV.
  • Must register for and attend the Symposium and present the accepted abstract.
  • May not be a previous recipient of a scholarship or travel award.
 In memory of Dr. Charles Coltman, co-founder of SABCS, to commemorate the significant contributions he made to oncology medicine.
 The Arti Hurria Travel Award was created in memory of Dr. Arti Hurria and in recognition of her commitment to the mentorship and training of the next generation of geriatric oncologists. 
 For clinical scientists-in-training who are actively pursuing clinical or clinical/translational research in breast cancer
 For laboratory-based investigators-in-training whose work focuses on the biology of breast cancer and preclinical models of its development and progression
 For presenters of meritorious abstracts who are Associate Members of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).

  • The above scholarships and travel awards are for Abstract Presenters.
  • The scholarship/travel award application is part of the Abstract Submission process. 
  • By completing the scholarship/travel award application you will be considered for all scholarships/travel awards
    for which you meet the criteria.
  • The deadline to submit a scholarship/travel award is July 15, 2022.