Satellite Symposia

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) recognizes that satellite events are often arranged in conjunction with its scheduled Symposium dates as a convenience to the target audience in attendance. 



Satellite events must be scheduled only during December 5-10, 2022  
Events are approved only for the following dates & times.












Any time

Start after 5:00 PM

Start 7:00 PM
Start 7:00 PM
Start 7:00 PM
 Start 12:30 PM
  • Permitted start times above also apply to pre-event receptions, registration, etc.
  • No application to schedule a satellite event before the 2022 SABCS will be considered.
  • Any organization seeking to hold a satellite event must submit an application to the Symposium office.  Please complete the appropriate form via SurveyMonkey.  Symposium hotels and the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center will not contract meeting space until an application has been approved by the Symposium office.
  • Absolutely no market research, marketing surveys or focus groups of any kind are allowed.

Open Events

The deadline to submit an open satellite event application is August 10, 2022.

Events open to all Symposium attendees

  • SABCS review committee will select the best applications up to a maximum of 8. A maximum of 2 events will be scheduled per day.
    Please indicate on the application form your desired date in order of preference. Events will be scheduled using the score received on application and date preference. (If a tie, events will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis on receipt of application.) Applicants will be notified of selection in August.
  • Must be CME accredited.
  • Deadline for applications is August 10. No applications will be considered after the deadline.
  • If supported by industry educational grants, letters of agreement from at least 2 funders are required.
  • If industry support is involved, only those events sponsored by SABCS exhibitors will be considered.
  • A $25,000 fee will be assessed for each approved open event. Fee includes:
    • one free use of the SABCS domestic mailing list
    • listing on the SABCS website and in print materials
    • one free sign placement regarding approved satellite event posted at the convention center
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Refund less 10% if cancelled by September 1
    • Refund less 75% if cancelled by September 30
    • No refund for cancellations thereafter
  • All approved open satellite events will take place in the evening at the Marriott Rivercenter/Riverwalk, the SABCS Headquarters Hotel and/or virtually.
  • “SABCS” and “San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium” and other trademarks of SABCS may not be used in the URL, links, or Google Ads or similar online functionality in connection with the event.
  • Applications will be scored according to the following criteria.
    • Proposed content and speaker quality
    • Educational need
    • Timeliness of topic
    • No overlap with SABCS program content
    • Lower score will be given if program content was covered in last year’s SABCS
  • If a satellite event application is not approved, SABCS is not responsible for contractual agreements made by event organizers.

Room Drops, Signs, Notices & Mailings (Open Events Only)

Room Drops
• Approval and distribution of room drops at SABCS hotels is managed exclusively by Convention Communications. Please contact Tom Marshall, phone 513-934-3700, email

• An area will be designated in the convention center lobby for display of signs regarding approved satellite events.

• No additional display of such signage will be allowed within the Symposium except within an exhibit.
• Approval and placement of signage at SABCS hotels and the Convention Center are managed exclusively by Convention Communications. Please contact Tom Marshall, phone 513-934-3700, email


Notices & Mailings

  • All notices and mailings must be submitted to the SABCS office for review and approval. 
  • Notices and fliers may be distributed in the sponsoring or organizing company's exhibit.  Distribution of notices and fliers within the Symposium, in the convention center lobbies and exterior walkways, as well as on SABCS shuttle buses, is strictly prohibited.
  • Please contact the Symposium office for information regarding rental of the SABCS mailing list. 
  • SABCS does not offer rental of fax or email lists. 
  • Notices regarding satellite events may be posted on the message boards at the Symposium. Size of each notice must not exceed 8½” x 14”.

Notices and fliers may be distributed in the sponsoring or organizing company's exhibit. Distribution of notices and fliers within the Symposium, in the convention center lobbies and exterior walkways, as well as on SABCS shuttle buses, is strictly prohibited. 

Closed Events

Those events which are closed to all except the members of a pre-determined group, such as closed investigator meetings, advisory boards, company staff meetings, board meetings, etc.

  • Limited to events organized by SABCS exhibitors and supporters, select established academic or medical institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Companies who are not supporting SABCS with an exhibit or corporate sponsorship but wish to hold a closed satellite event may do so by becoming a supporter at a minimum level of $5,000.
  • Promotional events will not be approved.
  • Group must be defined on application.
  • Satellite event requests must be made within seven (7) business days of SABCS to be reviewed. 
  • For events in convention center: satellite event requests must be made by September 30.
  • No fee assessed by SABCS.

Press Events

Organizations planning media events during any SABCS meeting are required to coordinate with SABCS’s designated Communications Department. Companies may submit requests for space to hold press events on meeting days; however, events must not conflict with the SABCS meeting, specified blackout times, or SABCS policies.

For more information please contact SABCS's designated Communications Department at or 215-446-6896.

Function Space

  • Event organizers are responsible for contracting and payment for function space and support services.
  • The Marriott Rivercenter-Riverwalk is the official headquarters hotel of SABCS. Arrangements should be made directly with Debi Hamilton, Senior Event Manager, phone 210-228-4337, email
  • For closed events, the Symposium office will be pleased to provide you with the contact information at our other fine Symposium hotels.  Phone 210-450-1550, email
  • For function space for closed events at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, please contact Grace Hernandez, Booking Services Coordinator, phone 210-207-6780, email

Registration & Housing

  • Housing for support staff must be reserved through the SABCS Housing Bureau. Please refer to for instructions and to reserve housing online.
  • If your participants will attend any part of SABCS, they are expected to register and pay the appropriate fees. Advance registration discount ends October 31. Please refer to for instructions and to register online.
  • If for any reason the satellite event is cancelled or otherwise changed, please notify the Symposium office in writing via email