Oral Presentations

If you have not received a notification regarding your submitted abstract, please contact CTI Meeting Technologies, Inc by email sabcs@support.ctimeetingtech.com

Please use the information below in preparing your presentation.

Presentation:  All oral slide presentations, presenting virtually, must be prerecorded. Your presentation will include a prerecorded 10-minute oral presentation with presentation slides followed by live 5- minute Q&A. You are required to prerecord your 10-minute oral presentation via Zoom Meetings. Please refer to “Zoom – How to Record on Your Computer” and “Best Practices – Tips for Presenting at Home”. You will not be given extra time for acknowledgements. Please keep your acknowledgements to a minimum. This can be accomplished by showing the information on a slide. The deadline to submit your recording for review is November 19, 2021. If you exceed the 10-minute time limit you will be required to rerecord the presentation. Instructions regarding uploading the presentation will be sent separately. 
Format:  Presentation slides will be displayed in 16.9 format. 
Header & Footer:

Each presentation slide must include the following text:

Header: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium®, December 7-10, 2021

Footer: This presentation is the intellectual property of the author/presenter. Contact them at insert your email address here for permission to reprint and/or distribute.

Click here for instructions on a slide presentation. Please follow them carefully.

Slide Template:

Presentation Review:

Presentation slides must be in electronic format and uploaded (Instructions regarding uploading the presentation will be sent separately) for review for CME accreditation. Your finalized presentation be uploaded by November 15, 2021

  • E-mail presenter response form regarding format and media with your slides. Click here for form.

Preview your Presentation:

You must meet with SABCS® AV technicians the day prior to your presentation in the Speaker Lounge, Concourse Level, Room 216A. Reviewing with the technician will help ensure a flawless presentation. The last slides we receive will be uploaded and used for your presentation.

Cancellation  Policy:

If for any reason your presentation must be cancelled or presented by another co-author, please notify the symposium office in writing as early as possible E-mail sabcs@uthscsa.eduBe sure to provide your assigned program number which appears at the top of this letter. Authors are permitted to present


With your permission, your slides will be made available online for viewing and download after your presentation. Slides will also be included on the virtual site and SABCS website after the symposium concludes. You agree to give your permission to reproduce and post your slides and presentation unless you notify the SABCS® office at sabcs@uthscsa.edu. Permission forms will be available when you come to the Speaker Lounge on the Concourse Level in room 216 A at the symposium. SABCS, as copyright owner, has sole authority to grant permission to reproduce the abstract. Authors of SABCS abstracts are permitted to use their abstracts in the following ways without requesting permission from the SABCS. All such uses must include appropriate attribution to the Cancer Research supplement issue in which the abstracts are published. Authors may: 

  • Reproduce the abstract, including tables, in books, reviews, or subsequent research articles they write
  • Use the abstract in presentations
  • Post a link to the online version of the abstract on their institutional website, if this is required by their institution
  • Submit a copy of their article to their university in support of a doctoral thesis. 

NOTE: Only one oral slide presentation per person.    


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Thank you for your abstract submission, and we look forward to your presentation.