Hotel Group Reservations

  2020 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Housing Block Guidelines

Thank you for your support of SABCS! Based on attendee feedback from previous years Symposia, SABCS will be adjusting the way that Group Blocks will be handled this year. Due to varying factors, Individual attendees have had difficulty booking rooms at the hotels closest to the convention center. In an effort to alleviate some of this difficulty, while still allowing Groups to have access to these hotels as well, the following new Group Housing Block Guidelines are being implemented.
  • Hotels have been grouped in 3 Sections, based on proximity to the Convention Center, and attendee demand.
  • Due to the higher demand at Section 1 Hotels, all Groups are being limited to ONE Room Block at ONE Section 1 Hotel.
  • Due to the higher demand at Section 1 Hotels, Hotels in this section have different peak night caps, and Groups are being limited to ONE Room Block (up to the peak night maximum) at ONE Section 1 Hotel. Additional rooms may be blocked at Section 2 and Section 3 Hotels, as needed (up to peak night caps). All Hotel block confirmations are first come, first served and based upon availability. See attached chart for details.
  • Section 1 Hotels (ONE Group Block at ONE hotel in this Section):
    • Grand Hyatt San Antonio: 20 rooms peak maximum
    • Hilton Palacio del Rio: 50 rooms peak maximum
    • San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter: 50 rooms peak maximum
    • San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk: 30 rooms peak maximum
  • All Section 2 Hotels (Multiple Blocks at hotels in this section): 50 rooms peak maximum per hotel
  • All Section 3 Hotels: No peak maximum, Group may Buyout based on availability
  • When a Group selects a specific hotel(s), the Group is guaranteeing rooms at that hotel, and may not shift rooms to a different hotel once the initial Group deadline (June 9th) has passed.
  • ICW and Suite requests:
    • ICW/Suite request forms will be available on the SABCS website in the near future. ICWs and Suites can only be approved through Sharon Hill, Symposia Director, at the SABCS Office by utilizing this form. 

SABCS Group Room Block requests must be made using the Room Block Request Form, beginning March 1,2020, and will be filled first come, first served, based on availability. If all three of your first choice hotels are unavailable, requests will be filled based on either Comparable Room Rate, or Proximity to Convention Center as notated on your Room Block Request Form.

Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at SABCS 2020!


For questions regarding Exhibitor or Domestic group sub-blocks email

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