2018 Closed Events

Those events which are closed to all except the members of a pre-determined group, such as closed investigator meetings, advisory boards, company staff meetings, board meetings, etc.

  • Limited to events organized by SABCS exhibitors and supporters, established academic or medical institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Companies who are not supporting SABCS with an exhibit or corporate sponsorship but wish to hold a closed satellite event may do so by becoming a supporter at a minimum level of $5,000.
           Cancellation Policy
    • Refund less 10% if cancelled by September 1
    • Refund less 75% if cancelled by September 30
    • No refund for cancellations thereafter
  • Promotional events will not be approved.
  • Group must be defined on application.
  • Deadline for applications is November 16. (For events in convention center: September 28.)
  • No fee assessed by SABCS.